Meditation…what exactly is it?

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I still mention meditation to patients all the time.  I contend that it has been the single most import catalyst for change so far in my life.  Some patients are receptive to the discussion and some not so much.  A few already know about it and the discussion quickly becomes an agreeable sharing of experiences.

For those who do not know anything about meditation, I usually get asked a few similar questions such as…

  • How do I mediate?
  • Can I listen to music?
  • What exactly is meditation?call now!

The other day, I had a nice talk with a patient on what exactly meditation is…for me, I suppose.  Meditation is a personal experience and other people might have a different opinion.  Even I might have a different opinion each time I address the question, and that is very interesting to me.  It is hard to define it in words, what is an experience of nothingness.

Meditation is probably the hardest and easiest thing to do.  What could be so hard about sitting still and doing nothing?  Yet, many people claim they can not do it, or just don’t do it.

Basically and fundamentally, meditation is about going inward, looking inward to yourself and tuning out the distractions of the outside world around you.