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Meditation: Simple, step 2

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I refer to this as step 2, not to give anyone the idea that I am outlining how to meditate in 10 easy steps. I dont know how many steps there might be, and I dont like to think of it that way. Meditation is a soft flowing experience that honestly changes every time I do it.

For me, step 2 is something that happens after a little while of sitting, usually 20 minutes into it. In the beginning I am just sitting, and thinking to myself about what I am doing, agreeing with myself to try and let go, and allow myself to embark on an inner journey of some sort. After 20 minutes or so, I find that the mind has settled, perhaps quieted down, a sort of numbness has come over me, and I am settled into the space. Step 2 is to acknowledge that, to allow it, accept it and sink deeper in. At this stage I find myself adrift somewhat, in a space of less.

I drift a bit, before doing what I am about to suggest. I want to be very clear about this. I do not rush into any new stages. I drift, and consider how I feel in this drift. Sometimes, I just want to drift. That is okay. Other times, I am willing to think of something, to contemplate something, or as we might say, to meditate on something.

If I feel comfortable meditating on something, it is time now to let that thought in.

Begin with the simple thought, as an image, a picture.

Just breathe, and let that image appear.

Next, consider a word, about that image, idea. Just a word, one word. Now breathe, and meditate on just that simple image and word.

Embrace it, let it fill within you, really fill you up. Make it positive, or embracing, allowing the easiness of your space and time to assist you in contemplating it.

When you are at the pinacle of the idea, image, word, and you feel you are done, just let go again. Return to the drift. That’s right, don’t end here, rather return to the simple drift of nothingness.

Work your way backwards. Enjoy the drift again. When you are ready, slowly let the light into your eyes. Wiggle your fingers. Begin to move again. Rise, refreshed and ready to go.

For me, that is like step 2. I don’t always do it. Really. Sometimes, many times, I just would rather drift. Drifting for me is very honest, real, and basic meditation which is relaxing.