How does Acupuncture work?

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This is the most popular question of my career, for sure. The question can be rephrased in many different ways but the basic point is always the same. How does it work and how does it work for me? It is completely reasonable to ask, and I could spend all day, every day researching how to always answer this number one question. The better I can answer it, the more confidence I can instill upon my potential patient.

Recently, I described Acupuncture as being as simple as water, yet just as necessary!  I’ve never quite described it that way, but as my practice career continues, and as every day is somewhat different, I come out with whatever feels right at the time.

Tonight I had a few new patients, and of course I fielded this question all night. But, I think I did a particularly good job tonight. “It’s all about flow”, I said to one patient. “The more opened and less tense things are, the better it is for the body”. “Acupuncture helps things to relax and flow”. I also said, “its all about the nerves, and the nerves connect to the muscles.” I then used my fingertip to touch the patient on the hand, and I asked, “did you feel that”? “Yes”, they replied. “That is because when I touched you, the signal traveled from that touch point, to your brain, where your brain processed the area being touched, then sent a signal back to the hand for you to feel it”. “But…”, I said, “it all happened at light speed.” But when an Acupuncture needle is in place, it is like sending that signal back and forth repeatedly, and the brain finally lets the area where the needles are….relax. It’s like being tapped on the shoulder over and over again until you just give in and relax.
“It’s all happening without traffic”, I said. The signals are flowing.