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Diet Do’s & Dont’s

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imageDiet Do’s & Dont’s:

Focus your eating on …
Fresh vegetables, fruits
Whole grains
Seeds, nuts
Beans, fish
Low fat meat (less is best)
Water, Herb tea

Learn how to cook basically and use a crock pot.  Follow YouTube a bit, and use common sense.  Anyone can cook basically.   Refusing is not the answer.
Use condiments such as: honey, maple syrup, brown rice syrup, fresh lemon, sea salt, olive oil, herbs and spices.


Don’t eat refined sugars and products with added sugars, syrups and the like. (Read labels to see Total Sugars. 1 teaspoon equals 3 grams. Divide total sugars by 3 and you will see how many teaspoons of sugar you were going to eat.)
Don’t eat artificial sugars and other artificial food products (read labels). Eat healthy and natural foods. Replacing sugar with an artificial substance is no way face a healthy life.
Don’t drink fake, processed beverages (water is best). They can only be mostly water with other things added for flavor and preservatives anyway. If you struggle with plain water, you are allowed seltzer or an herbal tea.
Don’t drink excess tea or coffee (1-2 cups per day is enough). The caffeine artificially affects your energy and is a diuretic. It is acidic to your stomach and just not necessary if you are eating healthy and exercising with fresh air.
Don’t eat refined flour, bread and especially bleached white flour products. They have zero fiber. Whole grains are much better. Barley, wild rice, couscous, etc.
Decrease saturated fat for obvious reasons. Our body requires healthy, unsaturated fat. (Vegetable oils, fish oils, seeds, nuts, avocados, coconut, etc)
Don’t over eat. Eat reasonable portions for the day time that you burn energy. Stop eating after sundown. A small, simple evening snack is ok. If you are being a night owl, stressor, evening worker, your brain is going to want energy. But this will become your pattern and you will have to figure out how to live it healthily.
Avoid skipping meals. This will leave you hungry and looking for quick energy, simple sugars. It will also cause your metabolism to slow down. Healthy snacking is part of meal eating. A day’s nutrition can be made up of 3 to 6 eating times with 3 meals and 2-3 snacks. Snacks can be small portions of meals, fruits, nuts, seeds, shakes, etc).