Chinese Herbs

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Think you might need more than Acupuncture?  

Ask about Chinese Herb Medicine

…Some things heal better with Herbs!

My herbs suppliers use GMP regulated facilities and methods

  • Safe
  • Toxin free!

I order Chinese Herbs from, a well experienced leader in Chinese Herbal Products on the East Coast. Chinese herbs have a long clinical history in Traditional Chinese Medicine, having been used in the Acupuncturist’s office to supplement treatment, enhance effects and continue treatment daily. Offering patients special formulated herbs when necessary to meet their individual needs means maximum benefits. Please feel free to discuss Herbal Medicine at the time of your visit.

What form are the herbs in?

The herbs are available in whole form, instant powder mix, pills and tincture.  Not all single herbs are available in every format however, as they are natural products that require natural processing and time.

How do herbs work?

Every herb has different properties and active ingredients which in traditional terms is referred to as its temperature and action.  These properties are understood and applied to specific needs of any situation.  Often the herbs are mixed together in what is called “formulas” which enhances the actions of any single herb.  Remember, Chinese Herb Medicine has been used in China for thousands of years, safely and effectively.

Are the Herbs safe?

It has only been the misuse and abuse of American fraudulent companies promoting endless, unhealthy energy and stimulation that have made herbs dangerous.  Herbs that are prescribed by a trained Chinese Herbalist are understood and prescribed safely.