Taking Acupuncture to a New Level

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Taking Acupuncture to a whole new level… It takes much careful analysis to consider the needs of any case and there are multiple approaches that may be useful along with or aside from Acupuncture with a needle. Acupuncture, first is … Continued

Before & After Treatments

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What should I do before Acupuncture treatments? Do not consume caffeine, alcohol or recreational drugs. Take medications if necessary. Prepare yourself mentally to relax and lay down for about 40 minutes. Please complete any phone calls before your appointment and … Continued

Chinese Herbs

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CHINESE HERBS… Think you might need more than Acupuncture?   Ask about Chinese Herb Medicine …Some things heal better with Herbs! My herbs suppliers use GMP regulated facilities and methods Safe Toxin free! I order Chinese Herbs from CraneHerbs.com, a well … Continued

Acupuncture works

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ACUPUNCTURE WORKS… But how?  Why? Acupuncture works by stimulating nerves in very specific regions of the skin. These regions make up pathways called meridians or channels which are made up of nerves, blood vessels and muscular networks extending from the … Continued